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  • What's the interior of the apartments? Apartments

    • Bed sizes:
      120 x 200 cm slatted frame, mattress, bed base.
    • Closet
    • wardrobe
    • Table with 2 chairs
    • Desk with chair and mobile pedestal
    • Shelves and storage compartments
    • Kitchen with stove (2 x ceramic hob with Ø 14,5 cm and Ø 18 cm, oven), circulating air extractor, sink, refrigerator with 3-star freezer compartment
    • Bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin
    • With terrace, balcony or roof terrace
    • curtains in front of the windows
    • Shutters for darkening
    • Ceiling lamps
    • Smoke alarm
    • Telecommunication connections for Internet and TV

    Additionally in penthouse apartments:

    • Sofa and coffee table
    • Additional shelf and storage furniture

    Not included in the apartments:

    TV, PC, dishwasher, dishes, bedding, balcony furniture, shower curtain, storeroom/cellar room


    Furniture is fixed and may not be removed.

  • What do I have to bring with me? Apartments

    You will need dishes, cooking pots and all other kitchen utensils. Also bedding, bathroom utensils and all your personal belongings.

    For hygienic reasons you have to bring your own shower curtain.

  • Am I allowed to decorate/change the apartment? Apartments

    We have sophisticatedly designed and furnished the apartments. Therefore, you cannot remove any furniture or add any furniture (except balcony furniture). In order not to damage the apartments we do not allow attachments of any kind - no nails, dowels, power strips etc. and no picture frames, posters, etc. on walls and doors.

  • Which types of apartments are offered? Apartments

    You can choose between two types of apartments:

    • Apartment 'Comfort':
      one-room apartment (25 m²)
    • Apartment 'Penthouse':
      two-room apartment (37 - 45 m²) 
  • Is it allowed to keep pets? Apartments

    No. The keeping of pets of any kind is generally not permitted because of hygienic reasons and to show consideration for people with allergies.

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Parking spaces

  • How can I reserve a parking space? Stellplätze

    After you have registered on our website you can choose a parking space and request the rental contract.

  • Which documents do I need to reserve a parking space? Stellplätze

    You need a fully completed rental agreement.

  • Am I allowed to reserve a parking space without an apartment reservation? Stellplätze

    No, renting a parking space is only possible if you rent an apartment.

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Community areas

  • How is the apartment complex equipped and where can I find the common areas? Apartmentanlage

    Third floor

    • Roof terrace with seating
    • Laundromat

    First floor

    • lounge with TV and kitchen
    • Bicycle and car parking

    In general

    • elevator in the building
  • Can I use the common areas at any time? Apartmentanlage

    You can find the times of use for the common rooms in the house rules and they are also posted directly in the respective rooms.

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  • How long can I rent an apartment? Mietverhältnis

    The lease term is limited to approx. two years (depending on the start of the lease) and ends automatically - no notice of termination is required.

  • What happens after the reservation? Mietverhältnis

    After successful verification, we will send you a rental agreement for download. Now you send the rental agreement by mail to the property management, which checks the contract and confirms it. Prerequisite: all documents are submitted on time and complete.

  • When is a lease achieved? Mietverhältnis

    As soon as you have received a confirmed rental contract and you have transferred the deposit, you are the tenant. Send the signed contract with all required documents to the property management within five days. Incomplete documents cannot be processed. The contract will be checked, countersigned and returned to you within 2-3 working days.

    Requesting the lease agreement does not create a rental relationship. Sending the documents to the property management is only an application for the corresponding apartment. After checking the application, the property management reserves the right to cancel the application without giving reasons. In case of a rejection, the submitted documents will not be returned. The documents will be professionally destroyed, disposed of and not passed on to third parties.

  • Is it possible to disconfirm the tenancy? Mietverhältnis

    Yes, you have got a 14 day long right of withdrawal after your contract closing.

  • What documents do I need to conclude a contract? Mietverhältnis

    students/interns within the framework of their studies:

    • fully completed rental agreement
    • certification of enrolment/notification or admission
    • where applicable copy of trainee contract
    • copy of passport/identity card (and if applicable residence permit)

    For a student tenant we require a guarantee from a family member.

    • Copy of the guarantor's identity card or passport, if applicable.
    • Copy of the last two pay slips of the guarantor

    young professionals:

    • fully completed rental agreement
    • copy of the last two pay slips (if there are no pay slips from the new employer yet: copy of the employment contract)
    • copy of passport/identity card and if applicable residence permit

    company rental:

    • fully completed rental agreement
    • copy of an excerpt from the commercial register
    • copy of passport/identity card of the authorized signatory (has to be visible in the commercial register)
    • if applicable cash basis accounting, income statement or a confirmation by a tax consultant
  • Do I need a bank account? Mietverhältnis

    Yes, you need a SEPA-capable bank account. Your bank must participate in the Europe-wide SEPA Direct Debit Scheme.

  • Who is allowed to rent an apartment? Mietverhältnis

    Students, interns, trainees, young professionals and commuters

  • Can I become a tenant even though I am still a minor (under 18 years old)? Mietverhältnis

    Yes, this is possible. In this case, your legal guardian must fill out the lease. As soon as you are of age, the lease will be transferred to you.

  • How many people are allowed to live in one apartment? Stellplätze

    Every apartment is suitable for just one person. The apartments are designed for individuals.

  • What is the right way to report a damage/deficit? Mietverhältnis

    Please do not wait long, but simply report the damage by email to the property management.

  • Is it possible to sublet my apartment? Mietverhältnis

    Yes, but only if all the criteria of our occupancy concept are met. It also requires the express permission of the property management. If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact the rental team.

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Costs / additional costs

  • What are "flat-rate additional charges"? Nebenkosten / Kosten

    With the flat-rate additional charges all your consumption costs are covered and paid. There is no additional individual billing.

  • What is included in the flat-rate additional charges? Nebenkosten / Kosten

    The service charges include: Water, hot water, heating, electricity, facility manager, repair and maintenance of gray and green areas, winter maintenance, cleaning of common areas, internet/WLAN, television, etc. Garbage out

    Important notes: 

    • The radio and television contribution (formerly GEZ) is not included, as this is a personal contribution.
    • The garbage fee is not included in the service charges. The tenant registers the primary or secondary residence with the municipality. According to the registration, the garbage fees of the municipality are then calculated. Information on this can be found at www.goa-online.de.
  • What does the processing fee include? Nebenkosten / Kosten

    The inspection and recording of the condition of the apartments is associated with an increased effort due to their furnished condition (condition inspection and inspection at the beginning and end of the tenancy, coordination of takeover, acceptance and return dates). Against this background, the tenant pays a processing fee in the amount of 120 euros, which is paid in cash and receipted upon handover of the apartment.

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Registration / Reservation

  • Where and how can I register? Registrierung / Reservierung

    On our website under register.

  • My registration doesn't work - to whom should I turn to? Registrierung / Reservierung

    Please check first if your confirmation email has landed in the spam folder. If not - please write a short email to the rental team.

  • How can I apply for an apartment? Registrierung / Reservierung

    After you have registered on the website you have the possibility to reserve an apartment. First you will receive a form for self-disclosure, which will be checked by us. After successful verification we will send you the rental contract for your desired apartment. After that you send the contract back to us in time - we check the contract and confirm it. You will receive the detailed instructions on how to fill out the contract by email.

  • How can I reserve a parking position? Registrierung / Reservierung

    After you have registered on our website you can choose a space and request the rental contract.

  • Is it possible to cancel my reservation? Registrierung / Reservierung

    After logging in to our website you can cancel your reservation under "My i Live"

  • Is there any opportunity to rent later than at the currently offered rental start? Registrierung / Reservierung

    Yes, depending on availability. Please write us an email with your desired rental start date.

  • All apartments are already reserved - what can I do? Registrierung / Reservierung

    Please check the website again in the next few days - some existing reservations will be cancelled. 

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Internet / TV / i Live-App

  • What is the i Live-App for? Internet / TV / iLive App

    With the i Live app, you can get in touch directly with your neighbors, other residents or even the property management. The app informs you about all important news around i Live and your location.

  • What connections are available in the apartments? Internet / TV / iLive App

    Internet (WIFI): up to 50 MBit/s – for free

    TV signal: cable-tv

    In case of malfunction please contact the house management.

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  • How high is the deposit? Zahlungen

    The deposit amounts to two month's rents (excluding the flat-rate additional charges).

  • How and when do I pay my deposit? Zahlungen

    In your rental agreement you will find the bank details for the transfer of your deposit. Payment needs to be received on the landlord's account at least one week before the apartment is handed over.
    The apartment can only be handed over if the deposit has been fully paid. 

  • Is it possible to settle the deposit with a bond insurance? Zahlungen

    No, you have to pay the deposit on your move-in day at the latest.

  • How and when do I pay my rent? Zahlungen

    The rent including flat-rate additional charges is always collected from your current account at the beginning of the month. 

  • Which payment methods can I choose? Zahlungen

    We only accept the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme. Only banks in the Eurozone (European currency) are eligible.

  • How and when do I pay my processing fee? Zahlungen

    The processing fee must be paid in cash on the day of the apartment handover.

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  • When do I receive the "Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung" (landlord confirmation)? Einzug

    A housing provider certificate will be given to you on the day you move in.

  • How many keys do I get? Einzug

    You will get two apartment keys and one for your mailbox.

  • On which day can I move in? Einzug

    On the day the rental starts. If this day is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the apartment will be handed over on the following working day.

    Exception: If the start of the tenancy falls on October 1st, please refer to your tenancy agreement for the earliest possible move-in date.


  • May I move in another day? Einzug

    After consultation with the property management, if necessary, another, later day is possible.

  • Can I give someone power of attorney to conduct the handing over? Einzug

    Yes, provided that the deposit is received at least one week before the handover date. In addition, the processing fee must be paid in cash on the day of the apartment handover. 
    In addition, the following documents must be presented at the time of handover:

    • Written power of attorney for the handover
    • Presentation of the identity card of the authorized person
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  • When can I cancel my rental contract? Kündigung

    You can terminate your lease with a notice period of three months to February 28 and August 31 of each year.

    The notice of termination must be received by the property management company no later than the 3rd working day in December or the 3rd working day in June.

  • How do I cancel my apartment contract? Kündigung

    Please send the notice of termination by mail to the property management. Please note that the original notice must be signed!

    Immoment-Weingart GmbH
    AAL INN city
    Pfarrgasse 1
    73479 Ellwangen

    We cannot accept a cancellation by email.

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Moving out

  • On which day do I have to move out? Auszug

    On the day the rental ends. If this day is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the apartment will be handed over on the previous working day.

  • What has to be done before the handing over? / What should the apartment look like? Apartments, Auszug

    The apartment needs to be returned in a clean condition in accordance with the contract. We will send you further information with the cancellation confirmation.

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House rules

  • Where do I find the house rules? Hausordnung

    The house rules are part of your rental agreement. They are attached to the contract.

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Energy performance certificate

  • Where do I find the energy performance certificate? Energieausweis

    You can find the energy performance certificate here.

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i Live-Locations

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